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Epic Story Titled- My Pride...A Must Read

This story is dedicated to the agony of a child whose circumstances brought shame and reproach in the family.

"Though weeping may come in the evening but joy comes in the morning"
It is also dedicated to those who are less privilidge in the society.

Episode 1

Night fall in my village was scaring and bored, as darkness covered the surface of the earth. I lied on my bamboo bed with mama already snoring. I was quite  thinking of life, how mama and I would cope in this village of survival of the fittest.

Mama is only a farmer, and a trader. And I have lost my father ten years ago when I was barely five. Truly, I had experienced trials in life....I could tell  how sweet or bitter  it was.
I was disturbed by mama's heavy snoring... I moved closer, tapped her in other to control the snore.
Mama paused for a minute while obtained silent and peacefully slept.

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It was broad daylight, the sun rises in the sky with the sound of cock rows chirping birds, trees dancing to the morning dawns.
"Nkem you must get ready we are going to the farm to fetch fire weeds", Mama quickly said in her low tone.
I quickly pick the cutlass, alerted mama that I was ready.
Mama and I made our way to the farm as we walked down the bush  path we exchanged greetings with passer-bys until we got to our farmland

While mama was cutting the dried tress into smaller particles, I gathered it. This we did on and on till the fire woods was plenty
I yawned hungrily mama notice I was hungry.
Nkem, I see you are hungry....hunry up and lets go home, mama said.

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Our house was quite far to the farm.
We trek down home with heavy bundles of firewood on our head.
We climbed hills after hills as my legs ache badly. I felt the pains but summon strength until we got to our clay house covered with ancient roof.
Mama helped me out the firewood down while I snorted profusely...Mama glanced at me, and pathetically nod.
I gathered little firewood, light on the fire, place the pot of water to make cassava-flour(garri) because mama had previously prepared delicious okro-soup.
Few minutes later the meal was ready...Mama and I sumptuously had our meal

I was peeling melons(egusi) when mama chibuzor trooped into our compound, she said she wanted to see mama but I told her she wasn't at home. Before I knew it  a heavy slap snap on my face.
I was totally dismayed as I wept for something didn't know about but the dare-devil promised to be back again.

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Mama returned back and found me weeping. I told her of how the woman slap me, immediately she flared up rushing to her house I followed her.
It was a big fight between mama and mama-Chibuzor, My desperate Uncle's wife.
Ever since the untimely death of papa, Uncle Nduka, Papa's immediately elder brother never allow us to have peace.

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He illegally took away two of our farm lands, because mama had refuse him from possessing the only farm land left uncle Nduka and his wife always trouble us.
Women from the neighborhood came to their rescue but mama Chibuzor insist calling mama sort of names.
The villagers knew her and her husband as trouble makers, they pleaded with mama to go back home.

Mama and I walked into our house crying.....(to be continued on Episode 2)

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