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Panta Ni Benz... Must Read

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For some time now, it has being trending over some boyz stealing pants all in the name of buying Benz. And a prominents artiste Olamide Baddoo and Lil Kesh that are suppose to be role model sang on it saying; panta ni logo benz....if he doesnt make money he will do blood money". I wonder how he can be so proud to make such a statement...
What were they thinking?
Like he has lost his sense of moral reasoning and doesnt care what people say about him anymore?

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Long before now, I knew Olamide was loosing it and I knew he will be bad influence to this generation which inspired me to write a post on one of his single titled "Letter to milli" (Read here) based on what he said that; "He sold his soul for riches and wealth" but many didnt really tap into it.

When music started growing in Nigeria with the likes of 2face, P-Square, Eldee, Sasha P, Ruggedman, 9ice, D'banj, M.I and others to mention few, this guys wasn't making money for so long they were doing it like new artiste make it quick now but they still did it for the passion they have for it. And they were given us relevant contents even if many of us didnt appreciate it then.

Olamide came into the industry at the time when money was coming out of it and in a short time he made money and fame beyond his imagination, maybe due to Dagrin death... But one thing I know is... who go blow, go surely blow. He even made money and fame more than most people he met in the industry but he is gradually using his own hand to tarnish his image... What a shame on him.

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Before dropping that song doesnt he think about the implication of his words or is it that no one is watching or care anymore or is it that he doesnt have manager to talk to him before dropping it or is it that the world gotten so bad that a so called role model doesn't care.

What does he want again? Because I believe he has what most of his mate are dying to have, or maybe he has forgotten all this trending things will watch sooner or later.

When growing up Benz 190, Volvo, Bentles and other old cars used to be one of the trending cars back then but go to Mile 12 now, you will see people using this cars to carry loads.

My sisters it's better you're careful with who you go out with before they use you buy Benz...

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To ri panta e ni Benz won si

Here're what people on twitter have to say below...

‏@unicodeveloper tweeted, “Pata ni Logo Benz” I never knew it had gotten this bad. I rebuke this song for everybody. Madness!!!Come and learn to code if you need to live a really decent life. You might not get Benz immediately, but you’ll get close.”
‏@AyoBankole wrote, “This is watery. Movies end with narratives that show ritualists don’t end up well. News are news, obviously. Logo Benz is a celebration. A promotion of rituals.
‏@jackdre02 wrote, “Pata ni logo Benz” how do you expect the misinformed population to see a good looking young man who worked hard to acquire a mercedes-Benz legally?
“Have you thought of the implication for these honest people?
“Those who started with you are evolving into legends. But you? Fast descent into a pit full of shit. A disgrace.”
‏@youngichu tweet read, “Story for the Gods-Rape
Science student- drug abuse
Poverty die- yahoo
Logo Benz- Ritual
Olamide really is not only trash but a liability to Nigeria’s journey.”
@DJPhemzydee tweeted, “Lil kesh and Olamide needs someone to teach them to stop singing nonsense.

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